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Culture, History, Exploration

Traveling opens up your eyes to how other cultures live. Talking with people from other countries and sharing ideas of the world opens up your mind to possibilities. Experiencing the genuine grace and hospitality of other civilizations while traveling through their country opens your heart. Studying the history of the world gives you better insight into the world today while deepening your appreciation of the past. Trying foods from other countries will give you a taste for the spice of life, and your nostrils will take you on a trip down memory lane the next time that you try foreign food back home. It is through walking the streets, seeing the sites learning “Hello”and “Thank you” in another language, trying the foods, and listening to the stories that will change your world for the better, because it is developing more appreciation for the world that we live in, and not just the country that you live in. This is the intention for our Cultural Heritage Tours- to bring the world closer through understanding.

Photo by  matt mu  on  Unsplash

Photo by matt mu on Unsplash